Gabriel De La Cruz - Founder, Business Trailer Sales

Our business didn’t actually start as a business at all. We purchased our first vintage trailer in January of 2013 as a camping trailer project.   My wife and I worked on our little trailer nights and weekends for five months.   Once it was finally completed, my wife thought it was so cute, that we should list it for sale and see how it goes.  Well, one short week later our trailer was sold.   It was sold to a young family with two kids who absolutely loved it.  Well, as they say…”the rest is history!”

Soon after our first sale, we immediately started on the next one.  The demand for our trailers was so great, I was able to quit my job and do what I love.   It was a bit scary at first, taking a leap of faith; but we are believers so we take that leap every day.

I was approached in March of the following year to see if I would be willing to make a “business” trailer.  A flower shop to be exact.   Though it was my first, I was willing to take on the challenge.  Needless to say, it came out perfect and another happy customer.   That same year, we were able to obtain some commercial space so I could work on trailers without disturbing our neighbors and my wife!

Today I have two commercial spaces in Santa Ana, California. I no longer hunt for that little needle in the haystack of a trailer.  These days I have the frames built by a local company. I then build everything brand new from the ground up.

I strive to make every trailer functional for your business needs with integrity, honesty and professionalism.

Gabriel De La Cruz